If you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed yesterday’s news that Pokémon Go is now available widely for iOS and Android users. Built on similar concepts to Ingress, but executed in a rather different way, Pokémon Go allows users to explore the world via the app, capturing Pokémon everywhere from under your couch, on the train or around your office.

Full credit to Alex Kidman at Finder for .. well .. finding this one, with the Northern Territory Police Service getting in on the hype yesterday via their Facebook page:

It’s probably a timely reminder, notes Kidman, that as fun as games like Ingress and Pokémon Go are, playing a game doesn’t supersede the laws relating to trespass, nor does it exempt you from behaving otherwise in a dangerous way; crossing the road staring at your phone is dumb, and if you enter upon private property to catch your latest find, make sure you’ve actually got permission to be there.

Have fun out there!

Source: Alex Kidman at Finder.
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    FYI, the speed rating for the GPS to register with the game is a max 8km/h. Fast walking speed.
    this effects multiple facets of the game.
    Take care out there.