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Google’s Local Guides program is a bit of fun you can have while out exploring new places, uploading pics and reviewing them in exchange for perks. One of the most sought after, the Level 4 perk which gives you 1TB of Google Drive space for hitting 200 points, has just been dropped down to 100GB.

Google started offering the 1TB of storage back in November last year, outlining the levels, as well as points required to reach those levels and perks made available to guides once they reach that level.

The change to Drive storage has been announced on the Local Guides support page, with Google noting that existing Guides can still unlock the 1TB of storage if they hit Level 4 (200 Points) by the 30th of July. Google notes that changing to 100GB ‘meets the needs of the majority of Local Guides who are qualified for the benefit, and makes it more sustainable in the long run’.

So, how can you reach Level 4 as a Local Guide if you already are enrolled? In short, the answer is get busy. To accrue points, you can:

  • Upload 1 or more photos to the same place = 1 point
  • Upload 2 photos + 1 review to the same place = 2 points
  • Write 5 reviews of 5 different places = 5 points
  • Answer 1 or more local questions about the same place = 1 point
  • Make 1 or more edits to the same place = 1 point
  • Add a new place = 1 point

If you’re at all interested in getting your level up done, it’s time to head out and make sure all your local businesses have their details correct and then add some pics and a review.

Source: Google Support.
Via: Android Police.
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    Fine print: The free storage only lasts for 2(?) years.


    This really isn’t or shouldn’t be surprising; all of Google’s storage offers expire after a time.


    Meh 100Gbs is still alright. Probably wouldn’t even come close to filling the 1tb for the 2 years I’d have it for.

    Jamie S

    Damn, I think it’s probably easier for me to pay for the 100GB storage rather than trying to reach level 4?