local guides photos

Google’s Local Guides program continues to gain traction going from strength to strength. The latest update to the program sees the power of Google Photos integrated with the Map and review improvement program.

If you go to ‘Your Contributions’ in the Google Maps app you will now see a new option for “Add your photos to Maps”. From there you’ll find your photo’s “automagically” (Google’s words not ours) sorted into the location’s you’ve been and taken photographs in.

If you find that the images are tagged for the wrong business, but the right location there is a drop down menu that allows you to select the right business or search for the right one if the magic has completely failed.

This makes adding photos to the map so much easier, and remember for the first photo, you add to each business you get 1 point towards you Local Guides “Rank”. That’s it open up maps, go to your contributions and check out what photos you can add to the map!

The feature seems to be fully rolled out already with some of us noticing this earlier, to use the feature all you need to do is be enrolled in the Local Guide program and have photo back-up turned on in Google Photos.

Let us know what level Local Guide you are below.