moto g4 plus

Motorola’s latest super-mid foray into Australia is here, with the arrival of the Moto G4 Plus this weekend, following the announcement a little while back. The Moto G4 Plus will be available in two configurations, a 16GB variant with 2GB RAM for just $399, and a 32 GB variant with 3GB of RAM for $449.

Motorola are tapping into a growing market segment with the G4 Plus: those who want flagship features, but without the flagship cost. In this segment we can find teenagers, older folks, and many in between, who want the same kind of features on their mobiles as everyone else, but either can’t (or simply don’t want) to spend up to $1000 or more on “just a phone”.

The Moto G4 Plus could be just the answer. There’s a big focus on the camera performance here, with Moto promising lots of improvements. We know it’s a 16MP camera, utilising two focus detection techniques for faster, sharper focus. This should deliver better results both night and day, and with other performance improvements, the G4 Plus promises much in the realm of photography.

The specs are rounded out with a large 3,000 mAh battery which promises a day or two worth of power, a fast octo-core processor and 5.5″ full HD display, and all this in a package costing well under $500. Should you manage to tax that battery, just 15 minutes on the charger delivers six hours of power.

Here’s the full specifications, for those who live in the detail:

Key Specifications:Moto G4 Plus
Release dateMay 2016
Screen size5.5-inch
Screen technologyIPS LCD
Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Rear camera16MP
Front camera5MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 617
Core config1.5 GHz
Storage16GB/ 32GB
MicroSDYes, up to 128GB
Battery3,000 mAh
Battery removable
Headphone PortYes
Headphone Location
Speaker Configuration
Android OSAndroid 6.0.1
Vendor skinMoto Stock
Dimensions153 x 76.6 x 9.8 mm
  • Black
  • White

The Moto G4 Plus will be available for purchase in 16GB and 32GB variants. Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and Officeworks will stock the 16GB version in black from 9th July, while both the 16GB and 32GB versions will be available in black and white from from 15th July.

The 16GB version has an RRP of $399, and the 32GB version is $449.

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A bit expensive considering that on Amazon India it sells for A$294 including 14% sales tax for the 32 Gig version of the Moto G4 Plus. Guess it’s Ozzy tax again..

Das boot

How about just the moto g4 (not the plus) as most of the reviews that I’ve read have stated that you dont really need the finger scanner. On ebay, its $330 from the UK


Seems a bit of a gamble to increase the display size so significantly


$100 too much.


Remember this is RRP.

I believe the Moto G3 had a RRP of $380 or so and it ended up being sold for $369 at retailers and was often on sale for $330ish

Phill Edwards

Yeah but retailers are only selling the 32GB version which means the 64GB version probably won’t get discounted.


$449 for a phone with the budget Snapdragon 617? The ZenFone 3 will be out next week and have the Snapdragon 625 and better build quality, and will start from around $350. Motorola is dreaming.


ZenFone 3 probably won’t become available in Australia.

Motorola’s skin is nice and is quite close to stock. Not sure about the ZenFone 3 skin, but the ZenFone 2 skin wasn’t the best.


Booo where’d the Moto G4 Play?


According to Motorola’s US website, the phone ships with either 16 GB or 64 GB internal memory – it’s annoying that Motorola have decided to reduce the max memory available for us.


It looks good but I’m going to stick with my donkey of a Lumia 640 XL, until something with a better processor comes around. 617 is fine for normal usage today, but midrange smartphones just tend to age badly and if I’m going to spend all that money, I’d want something that’ll last me for a few years.

More inclined to wait for the OnePlus 3 to drop in price and get that instead.


This looks interesting, but seriously, even mid range handsets should ship with an absolute minimum of 32GB of memory these days.

I assume the table is in error where it lists 32/64 GB instead of 16/32 GB?