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We’ve been waiting for Motorola to launch its online store in Australia for quite some time, in the vain hope that we might see MotoMaker launch locally. While it seems that the Moto Maker service isn’t coming here, Motorola’s online store most certainly is, launching on Friday 15th July (next week).

Motorola bills it as a place where customers can buy any Moto product available in Australia, including phones in all colour and style configurations, with full Australian product warranty and support.

Given what we’ve seen from Motorola in the past, with exclusive carrier deals and retail deals that preclude access to some people, this is what we’ve been waiting for; customers who don’t want to deal with carriers, or don’t have a retailer nearby, can access the Moto online store directly, and have their purchases sent straight out.

The good news for Australia is that this will be run from Australia; it’s not a case of product being shipped from Hong Kong. Motorola tells us that distribution, logistics, support and management will be based in Australia, with the central warehouse located here in Sydney.

This is great for local orders, with New South Wales orders likely to be delivered in just one to two days, and orders around the entire country likely to be complete within three to six days, depending on metro or regional location.

Moto’s Online Store launches alongside the announcements for the Moto G4 Plus and Moto 360 gen 2 launching in Australia, which we’ve also covered this morning.

We’re very excited about this, not just because of these two product announcements, but because future products will be sold directly by Moto through the Online Store as well.

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Phill Edwards

Good news.


Wonder if there will be a Kiwi store as well?


And hopefully this also means we won’t have to wait as long to get a new Moto product when they announce it!