galaxy note 7 leak

It seems a prototype version of Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Note 7 might have shown up in Geekbench’s benchmark database in the last couple of days, though it doesn’t quite line up with what we’ve come to expect. In fact, if I were to be a betting man, I’d say someone is loading up the AnTuTu and Geekbench databases with phony results, but make of it what you will.

First, we saw a device dubbed SM-N930F show up on 6 July, claiming to run Android 7.0. That sounds great, except that the processor seems to be an Exynos 7420, which was the same as in the Note 5, not something newer. Equally, with only 3GB of RAM, it looks as if this was either (a) an older device, with a modified model/OS detail, or (b) a new device with very strange hardware.

The next day, something said to be a Note 7 made another appearance, this time with the device number SM-N935F, running Android 6.1 this time. More convincing, this time the database shows an Exynos 8893 processor (which fits with a 2016 release), though only 4GB of RAM (down from rumours of 6GB, which might just be fanciful).

The benchmarks themselves don’t really disclose anything useful, but it is interesting that these devices (whatever they are) are starting to show up.

I’m not sure I buy that either device is actually a Note 7, or anything close to one, but the second entry certainly seems a lot more believable than a Note 5 with a different model number said to be running Android 7.0.

I guess we’ll find out soon, with a rumoured launch coming in just four weeks or so.

Source: GSM Arena.