This week has been a bit of a mixed bag; there hasn’t been a lot ‘new’ on the Android front but we’ve still had some excitement. On the hardware front, we got our first leaked look at Google’s next handsets Sailfish and Marlin and we had great news for Australian Moto fans.

Moving away from hardware, Pokemon Go was released out of its beta trial, albeit with a few glitches, and we saw plan with 10GB of data for $40 a month break cover.


Chromecast comes to Chrome
It was a slow week for news out of Mountain View. One piece of news that did break free was that ChromeCast streaming from the Chrome browser no longer needs a dedicated extension. Check out how to stream all of your Chrome sessions to your Chromecast receiver of choice.

How to Manage your Google Account

Google has continued to provide users with tools to both control what information is being collected about them but to also edit that same information. We thought we’d lend you a helping hand and put together a how-to-guide on how to navigate Google’s growing account controls.


Moto Moto everywhere
It was a big week for Motorola in Australia. We saw the Moto store finally come to our shores, even if Moto Maker wasn’t in tow it’s a great first step. What use is a new store if we don’t get a few new devices to put in it? Moto also announced the Moto G Plus for Australia from $399 along with the Moto 360 gen 2 finally available from $479.

Oppo R9 and R9 plus
We published our review of Oppo’s latest high-end phone the R9 check out what Scott had to say about it. Somewhat coincidentally Oppo also announced the R9’s bigger sibling the R9 Plus is now available in Australia from $699.


Pokemon Go

In a week where Pokemon Go is released, there can be little other app news. The release hasn’t been all that smooth with many people having both server and app stability issues. The Darwin police station even had to issue an advisory to local players.

Fortunately the early hiccups have done nothing to dissuade players, and Pokemon Go is going crazy.


Free Cardboard!
Apparently, that was what you all wanted to hear. Optus released a free limited edition of Google’s Cardboard custom designed by singer Troye Sivan for a competition that Optus is running.

One Big Switch
Optus joined forces with One Big Switch giving you 10GB of monthly data for just $40 per month. This inspired most of the Ausdroid staff to ‘renegotiate’ their plans with their respective carriers. Just in case you want some help negotiating your own contracts we let you know how we do it.

That’s it for another week I’ll fly back over your way next week and see what you’ve been up to, until then, goodbye!