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Are you always on the lookout for a way of expanding your Google Play movie Library? If so Google has a deal for you this week, a range of HD, that’s either 720p or 1080p resolution – support isn’t real clear on which – movies for under $10, or for exactly $9.99 for all the titles we saw. Unlike many of these offers there are actually quite a few titles I would actually want to own in the list. Choose from greats such as Office Space, Alien, Aliens, Independence Day (the original),Predator, Back to the Future and many more from multiple genres from kids and family to sci-fi and action.

Most of the titles are a little on the ‘classic’ side of new but I could easily grab 30 movies from this list. There are 100 titles on offer so if you’ve got a Google Play card or some Google Opinion rewards credit perhaps now is the time to jump on over and grab a great title.

Let us know which movie you grab below.

Source: Google Play.
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I still haven’t really got into buying movie downloads as yet. The problem is, whoever you buy from you’re locked into their DRM and never really ‘own’ the movie. I do have about 10 movies from Google Play but they were either freebies or very cheap (and worth the risk, as it were).

Generally a full priced new movie download is the same price as a DVD / BluRay. So if you get an Ultraviolet download with the physical media too, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a soft copy only.

Benjamin Dobell

You’re spot on, except it’s even worse than most people realise. Google Play’s terms state that you *never* own your purchases, even when you buy rather than rent. All “buy” means is that you’re renting for… *shrugs*… however long Google or the original rights holder feels like letting you rent: > or (ii) where available, purchase the Video Content for storage in a digital locker and for viewing and unlimited number of times as long as the Video Content is available in the digital locker (“Locker Video Content”). > Each Locker Video Content will be available for unlimited viewing for… Read more »

Benjamin Dobell

Yes, there is legit a typo in their terms, I did not write “and” where it should say “an”, that’s their high quality terms 😉