Boost Mobile has today announced new plans which give their users more data on their plans, as well as simplifying their bonus weekend data. The downside to the new plans is that you’ll pay more and have less time to use it.

So, what are the changes? Their $20 plan now costs $25 per month, but you get 1.5GB of data (up from 1GB previously) while the $40 UNLTD plan stays the same cost, but you get 5GB of standard data (up from 3GB). As well as re-jigging their lower plans, Boost is introducing a higher end $50 plan, which includes 7GB of standard data – as well as getting the same unlimited international calls
Calls & texts to 10 countries that the $40 plan has.

Their weekend data bonus has also been changed with all three plans now getting 1GB of bonus data to use on the weekend. This is a bonus for those on the $25 plan who used to only get 500MB, but users on the $40 plan will see their weekend data bonus drops from 2GB to 1GB.

Boost has also dropped their definition of a ‘month’ to be 28 days, bringing them into line with the majority of other carriers in Australia. 28 Day expiry for pre-paid has been creeping in slowly with the larger carriers including Vodafone, Optus (My Prepaid Ultimate), Telstra (Freedom Plus), Vodafone and Virgin Mobile all moving to a 28 day expiry. MVNOs for the most part, including Kogan and AldiMobile retain their 30-day terms, but even smaller MVNOs aren’t immune with Amaysim (Unlimited) introducing 28 day definitions for their plans.

Ian Blackhall, Boost Mobile Chief Marketing Officer said of the changed plans

We know our customers are hungry for more data – we’ve seen a 30% increase in data usage over the last few years as people spend more time on social, stream more music and watch more YouTube & Netflix. Our new prepaid plans have been designed to allow people to do more of everything, at a great price.

So, that’s the deal, want a look at Old vs New? Here’s the plans:

The plans come into effect from today for new customers, but if you’re an existing customer and want to retain your old plan, Boost has advised you can stick with what you had as long as you keep up those recharges – but if you like the look of the new plans you’re free to move across.

Source: Boost.
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Kogan gave me a better deal with similar coverage…sort of.

Phill Edwards

I’m on Aldi mobile. I read conflicting stories of whether the network they resell is the same as the network Boost resell. Is the only difference that Aldi’s speed is limited to 100Mbps? I’d be more than happy with 100Mbps!