If you’ve been considering a new screen protector or a case for your phone, then now could be the time to make the decision to buy. Ausdroid Shop has a special on free shipping for screen protectors and cases at the moment.

If you’re keen, check out our range, and please note these conditions:

  • Offer is for items sent by envelope only; if you bundle more than one item, chances are a parcel will be required.
  • Free shipping offer does not include tracking or insurance.

Obviously the best bet is to grab a few items that you need (e.g. a case, a charger, car mount etc) and bundle them up to save on overall shipping, but if you’re after just the one case, or just a screen protector, now you can get it with free shipping on that item.

Check out the full range on the Ausdroid Shop to get started. Here’s our Aerios glass screen protectors and our full range of cases and covers.


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Awesome. Off to get a new case.

Phill Edwards

Great, I’ll buy some Nexus 5X screen protectors. Just some feedback for you… The store is quite unfriendly to buy from a mobile. Had to abandon order and wait til I get home to a PC.

Hi Phill, thanks for the feedback. We’ve enabled a mobile version of the site. Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Phill Edwards

Mobile version is better. Still confusing at the end though. After paying with PayPal it sent back to a page with a Buy Now button which made me think I hadn’t completed the order and pay process yet. It should send you back to a thank you page or similar.

Thanks again Phill. We’ll work on that with PayPal. I think at present it’s required by PayPal for the customer to confirm all details and pay for the order. We’ll take it on board for future versions.