Roadside assistance

Smartphones and their app ecosystem have transformed how we do so many things. The digital transformation of some industries has been more evolution than revolution. Cars are one area where we are finding more technology slowly making its way into the traditionally slow industry.

The combination of GPS location, cellular connectivity and pre-saved details that smart devices offer is a perfect combination for the roadside assistance industry. While you can get roadside assistance from many sources, insurance companies, car manufacturers and Auto Clubs we’ve stuck to the auto clubs for now.

From our review of the current Auto Club roadside assistance app offerings they seem to fit into three categories, non-existent, simple roadside assistance and full automotive tracking with a Bluetooth OBD (on-board diagnostics) port device.

Queensland: RACQ
The RACQ in Queensland offer several apps, including one that offers roadside assistance, trip planning, road conditions and member discounts. If you’re an RACQ member then you can check out the app below.

RACQ Roadside Assistance
RACQ Roadside Assistance
Price: To be announced

New South Wales & Canberra: NRMA
NRMA cover both New South Wales and our nation’s capital Canberra, and their app includes roadside assistance and access to your membership benefits card. Check out the app if you’re a member.

Developer: NRMA
Price: To be announced

Victoria: RACV
RACV in Victoria have a more advanced offering; their RACV Connect app includes not only roadside assistance but thanks to its OBD connector it offers log book, efficiency tracking and live fuel and parking updates. You can grab it below.

RACV Connect
RACV Connect
Price: To be announced

Tasmania: RACT
The RACT in Tasmania do offer some apps, however, none of them are for roadside assistance. IF you’re in Tassie and want some app based roadside assistance perhaps hit up RACT’s support.

South Australia: RAA
South Australia’s RAA do offer a few Android apps however, none of them support roadside assistance at this time. If you’re a member and want to let them know you want that functionality, you know what to do.

Western Australia: RAC
The RAC in Western Australia also offers a more advanced app offering similar features as RACV with both roadside assistance and the OBD based vehicle stats. We’ve got the link below if you’re an RAA customer.

Price: To be announced

Northan Territory: AANT
The AANT up in the Northan Territory are the final stop in our cross nation roadside assistance tour, unfortunately, for those up in the north they also have no roadside assistance app on offer.

Have you given any of these apps or those from other roadside assistance providers a go? Let us know how you found them below.

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    The RAC Go app is for Western Australia. In South Australia they have the RAA.


    thanks got that mixed up late last night, fixing