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With Google’s expected September hardware event shaping up to be their largest ever hardware reveal, we are beginning to see more and more leaks out of Mountain View. Today, Android Police have released two recreated renders (i.e. they made them based on what they have been shown) claiming to show off the current design of the pre-production Android Wear devices from Google, the larger Angelfish (left) and the smaller Swordfish.

As previously speculated, the larger Angelfish bears a striking resemblance to the LG watch Urbane and features three buttons, in favour of the more traditional single crown on existing Wear Devices. The watch looks both angular and ‘bulky’ and assuming this is near the final design will be more than a little polarising in its appearance.

It is rumoured to not only be larger but thicker than its smaller sibling and incorporate replaceable bands. This model is rumoured to have both GPS and LTE connectivity included along with the typical range of Android Wear sensors.

The smaller and more ‘elegant’ of the pair the Swordfish incorporates a modern minimalist look with sweeping smooth curves, a smaller bezel and a single crown (button). If the rumours are correct the Swordfish will not have either LTE of GPS.

marlin sailfish 2

You’ll notice there is no “flat tyre” depicted on either model and this should make many people happy. However, your happiness may come with a price, namely a thin circular glass “bezel” that will make room for the light sensor to be housed under the glass but not in a flat tyre.

The watch faces are featuring the new Android Wear 2.0 (built on Android 7.0 that’s not going to get annoying) customisable watch face interface with the enhanced complications introduced at Google IO 2016.

That’s all the information that we have, the intended release date, pricing and even naming convention for these devices we simply know yet. To be honest, we don’t even know if these devices are intended for a 2016 launch, or if both will ever make it out of Google’s hardware lab.

One thing is for certain, and that is we’re in for a long couple of months in the lead up to IFA, Google’s hardware event and Samsung’s launches. As always we’ll be here to get you all the details and find out the Australian specific details that you can only get here.

How are these Google made Android Wear devices shipping you got you? Which one do you prefer the look of? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.
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With a brown leather band and a watch face with white “complications” instead of the neon blue I reckon the smaller variant would look very nice indeed.


Is anyone else thinking we are seeing a suspiciously large amount of leaks if these ‘Nexus’ devices were going to wait till November to launch?

Saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more ‘coming together’ of the design language on these watches before they are launched.


Nice. If the smaller doesn’t have GPS or LTE then I’ll be pining for Angelfish. Really need to upgrade from the LG G to something with GPS.