Samsung’s announcement of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards last week saw a fair bit of excitement, followed by the realisation that there’s literally no devices capable of using them…yet. Samsung is looking to make the transition to the new standard easier by developing a dual format card slot that can read both microSD cards and UFS cards.

Droid-Life got the low-down from Samsung themselves, querying the company on the UFS card slot and their plans which revealed they’re working with partners to integrate the dual-format slot into ‘next-generation device’. Samsung said

The new UFS cards are not compatible with the current microSD card socket. However, we have developed a socket design that can support both UFS cards and microSD cards. We are working with different partners in the industry on this integration for next-generation devices.

The next ‘big’ device from Samsung that could possibly use the new slot is of course the new Galaxy Note (if Samsung bring back the card slot on this generation). Samsung is expected to show off the new Galaxy Note, which is rumoured to be the Galaxy Note 7, on August 2nd at an event in New York. We’ll see what happens then.

Via: Droid-life.