If you’ve been caught up in the latest craze going around, Pokémon GO,, then your phone will be looking a little depleted battery wise at this hour. Even with server outages plaguing us all morning, there’s still been some play happening so it’s time to charge up and Virgin Mobile wants to give you the power – literally.

Virgin Mobile is offering free mobile phone charging to gamers (or anyone really) who head into one of their retail stores or kiosks around Australia. Virgin Mobile assures us that they have chargers in ‘all shapes and sizes plugged in and ready to go’ at all their stores.

It’s not just at Virgin Mobile stores and kiosks either, with Virgin Mobile also providing free, secure, charge lockers in a number of Westfield shopping centre food courts.

If you’ve been caught out by playing Pokémon GO and need a quick battery top up, check virginmobile.com.au/virgin-mobile-stores/ to find your nearest outlet.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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    Very cute from Virgin, its nothing really to provie a place to charge, but just brand awareness (or might give the staff some opportunities to talk phone plans!!)
    Bit like the ‘unused mobile data’ auction from the other month, while there was prizes it was more about getting the brand out there in peoples minds.


    Mmm something like free wifi if same carrier and free charging for anyone. Could/should pretty much be standard. Do Telstra offer Telstra Air from their stores?

    Shakeel Ali

    Yep, every store should have a Telstra Air hotspot located in it.