Andrew Bell’s series 6 Android Mini collectibles will be releasing at the end of this month through the Dead Zebra website, but for anyone heading to San Diego Comic Con, Andrew will be bringing a few cases for eager fans to buy early. Not only that but there’s a new collectible coming – this time in Wood.

The series 6 collectibles will be shown alongside a new series of Android pins that Andrew has created for Comic Con. At this stage he hasn’t announced whether these unique pins will be available for Android collectors to grab outside of Comic Con.


There’s two limited edition ones there if you’re heading over to San Diego for the Con, so make sure you check them out.

The big news for Android mini collectors is a new 5″ wood version of the Android mini you’ve come to know and love will soon be available. Made in collaboration with Noli-Noli Handmade, these collectibles were being issued only as Google Executive gifts. But they’re about to be released to the public. The Wooden Android will cost $120USD each, and come packed in a muslin bag and custom kraft box, but in very limited quantities.


Andrew will be outlining more details about the Wooden Androids tomorrow, so stay tuned for more information.

Source: Dead Zebra.