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LG RoboKing Turbo

LG has launched its new RoboKing Turbo robotic vacuum cleaners in Australia, starting at $1,399. They’re a part of LG’s CordZero lineup that’s designed to make chores like cleaning easier or more convenient.

The three new RoboKing Turbo products are low-set vacuum cleaners that roll around your floor on their own and return to their charging base when they’re out of battery. They also automatically switch in to Turbo mode when they hit carpet, keep a cleaning diary that shows you where they’ve been in your house (on the Wifi model) and can be scheduled to operate at certain times.

They can be controlled from the LG ThinQ app on Android and iOS, but they also come with a dedicated remote control for when you decide you really need to take control.

The king of the range, the $1,799 RoboKing Turbo+HomeView can stream live video to the LG ThinQ app on your phone so you can see what it’s doing while you’re at work (or in bed, letting it do the work for you). You can also control the vacuum’s path through your house.

The HomeView model can also be configured to act as a sentry. You can move it to a particular part of your home and set it to alert you when it detects movement. I haven’t worked out whether it’ll tell me when my cat is riding it around the house, though.

The range starts at $1,399 and should be in electrical retailers everywhere, with Harvey Norman securing an exclusive on the HomeView model.

  • RoboKing Turbo (metallic red) – $1,399
  • RoboKing Turbo+Wifi (metallic gold) – $1,599
  • RoboKing Turbo+HomeView (metallic silver) – $1,799

Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Jason Murray

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Wayne Moore
Ausdroid Reader

I haven’t even spent $1800 on vacuum cleaners in my lifetime, let alone on a single unit.

Will Dutton
Will Dutton

That is some serious coin. Can anyone recommend an affordable alternative?

Ausdroid Reader

Neato. Not sure if they have models with remote control but they are very good units.

Ausdroid Reader

Mine wasn’t, has very poor LIDAR motor and the dust sensor switch has also died. When it works it works well though…

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