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Google has today advised that the team at Kifi, a service that enables users to organise, share, discuss and find content, has joined Google with the team set to join their burgeoning Spaces team.

Announced on Google+ by Google product management lead for Spaces, Luke Wroblewski on Google+, the team at Kifi also acknowledged the acquisition in a Medium post. The Medium post focuses on their strong points with the Kifi team describing the service and mission:

The mission at Kifi has always been to connect people with knowledge. We created a service that seamlessly enables organizing, sharing, discussing, and finding the content you and your team values, which has resulted in more flexible and intuitive collaboration across the internet. We also spent significant time creating a service that overlays context on your browsing and sharing experiences to increase usefulness and understanding.

The Kifi acquisition seems to be purely for the team behind the service – an acquihire if you will – with Kifi advising that the service will continue to operate for a few weeks allowing users to export their data, as well as use the service.

According to Luke, the Kifi team will be starting with the Spaces team from today where they will ‘build solutions focused on improving group sharing, conversation, content finding, and more’.

Spaces is a very new service with many people still confused as to what the service offers, though it does seem to be a sort of extension of Google+ communities without the need for Google+. Either way we will see more of Spaces in the future.

Are you using Spaces?

Source: +LukeWroblewski, and Kifi on Medium.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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