Android Pay Australia
It’s a few weeks late, but Android Pay, Google’s contactless payment system is live in Australia from today, the fourth market that Google has brought Android Pay to since launching at Google I/O last year, with over 20 Australian banks on board. We’ve already confirmed Android Pay working with ANZ Visa Credit and Debit cards, and American Express cards are confirmed working too.

This means Android Pay can now be used in Australia wherever contactless payments are accepted. Australia has around almost 800,000 contactless payment terminals at retail locations around Australia making us quite an attractive market for the launch of Android Pay. This means you can walk into a Myer, Coles, Domino’s, 7-Eleven or anywhere with a contactless enabled terminal and Tap & Pay. We’ve tried it out this morning at the local coffee shop, and we’ve confirmed it’s working elsewhere too.

Myer Chief Digital and Data Officer, Mark Cripsey said of the launch

We’re excited by the arrival of Google Android Pay in Australia. As part of our New Myer strategy, we want to give our customers a range of options to shop with us and digital wallets
support this by providing customers with a fast, convenient and secure payment method. As contactless payments become more common, we expect more customers to choose this payment method.

Who’s involved?

There’s no pre-requisites for Android Pay except that you have an eligible card from one of the 20+ supported banks, which include ANZ, American Express, Macquarie, MyState Bank, and Teachers Mutual Bank – but there will be more coming soon, including ING Direct and Bendigo Bank. As noted above, we can’t test all of these, but we know ANZ and American Express are working, at least.

ANZ is the flagship partner for the launch in Australia as the only one of the ‘big four’ banks on board at this time. ANZ Chief Executive Officer Shayne Elliott said:

Being the first major bank in Australia able to offer Android Pay is another important milestone for ANZ as we work to build the best digital bank for our customers. Given Android is the most popular smart phone operating system in Australia, we know today’s announcement will be well received by both our retail and merchant customers.

ANZ said they are working actively with Mastercard to bring them into the fold and will be bringing them to market ‘very soon’ but aren’t willing to give a time frame at this stage.

Mr Elliott also said that as well as supporting Android Pay, they will continue to support their own proprietary ANZ contactless payment wallet as well as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Mr Elliot said that this is their approach about digital payments, being able to support different devices and platforms. ANZ intends to be device agnostic and listen to their customers, and acknowledge that Android is the dominant platform in Australia, hence the support for Android Pay.


The full list of banks on board for the Android Pay launch is fairly comprehensive but three of the ‘big four’ banks in Australia, including the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac are missing. All three have their own contactless payment solution, but notably missing is Westpac which was announced as a partner  as part of the Android Pay announcement last year.

Google Senior Director Product Management Pali Bhat said that they are looking to partner with all the large, medium and small sized banks in Australia, and offer customers choice. Want to support all devices, not just flagships as well.

The full list of banks on board for Android Pay in Australia is here for those keen to know more:
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  • ANZ
  • Amex
  • Macquarie
  • Bank Australia
  • CAPE Credit Union Limited
  • Central West Credit Union Limited
  • EECU Limited
  • First Option Credit Union
  • Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Op Limited
  • Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd
  • Horizon Credit Union Ltd
  • Intech Credit Union Limited
  • Laboratories Credit Union Limited
  • Mystate Bank Limited
  • The Rock
  • Northern Inland Credit Union Limited
  • QT Mutual Bank Limited
  • Queenslanders Credit Union Limited
  • South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
  • Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
  • The Mac
  • Waterhouse Credit Union
  • WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
  • Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union Limited
  • Wyong Shire Credit Union Limited
  • Bank Of Sydney
  • Sydney Credit Union Ltd
  • Beyond Bank Australia


The credit providers are on board with the Android Pay launch, with Julie Nestor, Vice President of Customer Marketing and Experiences, American Express Australia and New Zealand saying

We’ve made it a priority to offer our customers flexibility and choice in how they want to pay, and adding Android Pay to our digital payment portfolio means that all of our customers with an American Express issued card and eligible smartphone can make a secure and fast payment with their mobile device.

Google has been quite proactive in the other markets they’ve launched in adding partners on-board after the initial launch, so as well as ING Direct and Bendigo we expect to see more online soon.

How does it work?

Well, it’s simple. It does have some requirements of your handset, Android Pay requires at least KitKat on your device, and obviously NFC to make contactless payments.

Once your compatible device is ready, simply download and install the Android Pay app from Google Play and setup your eligible card. Once you go to make a purchase, wake your device, tap and you’re done.

In-App Payments

Contactless payments are absolutely a focus for Android Pay, but it’s not the full extent with Android Pay also enabling payments to your favourite stores through their apps. Catch of the Day, Deliveroo, Domino’s, EatNow, Hotel Tonight, and more will be incorporating Android Pay as a payment method into their app in the coming days – keep an eye peeled for the update alert in Google Play.

The full list of in-app payment partners includes:

It’s good to see Australian sites and services involved in the launch, Levi Aron, General Manager of Australia for Deliveroo said

At Deliveroo our customers are looking to enjoy great food as quickly as they can. We’re excited to offer our Android customers in Australia Android Pay enabling them to make a quick and seamless purchase.

What about security

Android Pay is a secure technology that uses ‘industry standard tokenization’, allowing you to use your credit card online safe in the knowledge that the vendor never sees your card details. It also means that you get all the benefits of your card reward programs when you make a purchase.

Unlike Apple Pay, which uses a method called Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) that uses Touch ID or the passcode on your iOS device as the ‘verification’ of your identity for purchases over $100, Android Pay will require your card PIN to be used to complete the transaction if you go over that $100 threshold.


As we’ve seen with launches in the US, UK and Singapore, Google has been pushing Android Pay with their own rewards programs offering discounts and freebies. The UK even has a ‘Payday’ site listing weekly rewards. Google Australia hasn’t announced any promotional incentive for using Android Pay, but we remain hopeful it could come soon. Pali from Google did advised that Google loves ‘delighting users’ so stay tuned, they will definitely be bringing something to Australia.

The Android Pay app does let you store your loyalty, reward, and membership cards. To enter a rewards card, just search for the merchant or program name and select it, then capture the barcode on your physical card with your camera or enter your details manually.

We’ve tried it with FlyBuys, Myer One, Chatime, Guzman & Gomez, and they’ve all added without issue. Other cards, which either don’t feature a barcode, or don’t read properly, include Ikea Family, Nandos Peri Perks, and Gloria Jeans (though you can store your membership numbers in Android Pay for these if you like). Of course, there’s many more.

When you reach the checkout you can simply bring up the loyalty card to be scanned at point of sale (if it has a barcode).

Our Take

It’s been some years in the making for Google’s contactless payment system to reach Australia. Since I first purchased a slushie and a hotdog with Google Wallet at a 7-11 back in 2011 thanks to a bit of trickery with software, I’ve been waiting for this. But as my bank isn’t supported I’ll have to wait a little longer (though annoyingly, Chris and Duncan will undoubtedly be running around paying for all the things with their ANZ cards on Android Pay).

I’ve not been enamoured with some other options for contactless payments and been waiting for Google’s version for some time. I don’t fancy being locked into using one manufacturer’s devices so I can use contactless payments, and the banks own solutions don’t often support my devices – so Android Pay is where I stand.

I’ll be talking to the retention specialist at my bank today. At this stage I’ll talk with my wallet, I’m sick of waiting for a bank to offer me what I want. I’m off to a bank who has listened to their customers and implemented Android Pay – and from what I’m hearing, a lot of you will be too.

If your bank is on board and you want to get in on the action, just download the Android Pay app from Google Play and get started.

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    Carsten Bauer

    Does Android Pay work with rooted devices? I cant add a card yet, but so far it doesnt complain about root…

    Daniel Tyson

    Seems to.

    Carsten Bauer

    Got my ING card and added it and used it.
    Not sure if using Xposed did the trick or not, but seems to work.

    George Lu

    Luckily, I’m with ANZ. I have a ANZ Visa card. However, I use more my Coles MasterCard. Not sure MasterCard has joined Android Pay.

    Phill Edwards

    Interesting Citibank support Samsung Pay but not Android Pay. Do you think Samsung signed them on an exclusive? Tactical error by Citibank I’d have thought.

    Daniel Tyson

    It’s possible, but unlikely. Samsung has certainly signed exclusives in the past, but the banking industry seems to be a whole different game. Not sure Citibank would let even Samsung dictate terms like that. ANZ certainly didn’t.

    Andrew Palozzo

    I opened a credit card with ANZ when they first announced Tap & Go support back in March… Very pleased they’ve also added Android Pay support. Added on my cards on the Nexus 6P running DevPreview of Android N.

    Works a treat.


    You can always stay with your current bank, and just get a credit card with one of the supported banks. …I think?


    Credit Union SA isn’t up yet.

    Phill Edwards

    While I’m disappointed my bank isn’t on board, there’s no way I’d move to another back just for this. I see Android Pay as a handy convenience, but not a big enough deal to move banks for.


    Yeah. I’m a nab customer and whilst its slightly annoying to have to use their app instead I’m not bothered much. And frankly I dont find it much more convenient than just using a paypass card, though useful for those rare times I’m sans wallet but still have my phone.

    Ketan Joshi

    St George won’t even specify a month when they intend to include this. Changing to ANZ.


    ING Direct has confirmed they’ll add support for Android Pay soon. They are aiming for a mid August launch.

    I’ve waited 4 years for this, I can wait another month.

    Just a happy ING customer. Their accounts are free, you can use any ATM, and they have very good website and apps, and amazing customer service. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using them!

    Alex Milev

    Really?? Did you call them? That sucks 🙁 I was looking forward to using it

    Luke Hallion

    I was with BankSA – when I saw that Westpac was bailing, I figured I would shop around.
    Now with ING waiting for them to come online. Their accounts are also better to boot!
    This is what happens when you mess around your customers and get them to check out the competition. 😀

    Peter Hill

    ahh nuts I’m rooted and running a modified ROM on my Nexus 6 and get this error message – Android Pay can’t be used, Google is unable to verify that your device or the software running on it is Android compatible.


    Bit disappointing to see CommBank missing from the list. They are usually at the forefront of this stuff.


    They clearly aren’t listening to customers. Let them know how you feel!


    I think they are too caught up in developing their own in-house alternatives. Having said that, their mobile is certainly top-notch in my opinion.


    Great news, glad its finally kicked in to reality.
    Still disappointed about Westpac and the other banks… Grrr
    Super impressed that ANZ has shown ability to get all the services off the ground.