Woolworths Rewards - GPGC
If you’re a Woolworths customer who uses the Woolworths Rewards card this week is a good week to pick up some Google Play Gift Cards, with Woolworths awarding Woolworths Dollars when you purchase them.

The amount of Woolworths Dollars awarded are pro-rate based on the dollar value of the Google Play Gift Card you buy. What’s a Woolworth Dollar? According to the Woolworths website, ‘every Woolworths Dollar you earn is worth $1 off a future eligible shop in participating Woolworths supermarkets or BWS stores’.

As this photo from Ausdroid reader Phillip shows, a $50 Google Play Gift Card gets you $10 worth of Woolworths Dollars, a $30 Gift Card gets you $6 of Woolworths Dollars and a $20 Gift Card gets you $4 worth of Woolworths Dollars.
Woolworths Dollars - GPGC

The tinfoil hat brigade will remind you that Woolworths is gaining a lot of data by using their Woolworths rewards program, but if you’re happy with that then this is a good week to go get some Google Play Gift Cards and save some money on your next weekly grocery shop at Woolworths.

Source: Woolworths.
Thanks: Phillip.