Are we all Pokémon’d out yet? Want more? Want way less near you? Well, Niantic has a form on their support page which will let you request that a PokéStop or Gym either be created near you, or removed.

A large number of PokéStop and Gyms you find in Pokémon Go are derived from the database of portals submitted by Ingress players over the last few years. If you had an Ingress portal around, chances are that you have a PokéStop or Gym near you. Ingress was Ok, but the sheer popularity of Pokémon Go is overwhelming for some people, but others are seeing it as a boon.

There’s also plans for Niantic to add sponsored PokéStops for businesses so look out for that. A number of businesses have already been lapping up the attention using existing PokéStops, adding Lures to nearby ones at specific times to attract more customers. Lures are in-game items you can use to attract more Pokémon to an area for half an hour. Places such as Adelaide Zoo have even been promoting the nearly 20 PokéStop’s in the grounds of the zoo, as well as the cute and cuddly animals they have as a great – and safe – place to visit and do your Pokémoning.

But it’s not all good news having a PokéStop nearby. Some parents are having issues with picking up their kids due to Pokémon players parking in the free drop off spaces around the day care centre. Some people like Twitter user Boon Sheridan found out his home which is an old converted church is a Pokémon Gym.

So, what can you do about it? Niantic is taking feedback by a form on their support page, it offers you a variety of reasons for using the form, including:

  • Issue with Gym Battles
  • Dangerous PokéStop or Gym
  • No PokéStop or Gym near me
  • PokéStop or Gym doesn’t exist
  • How do I create a Pokéstop or Gym
  • Report a Pokéstop on my personal property

There’s no guarantee that they’ll do anything about your issue in a timely manner, but the first step is addressing it at the entity responsible. So, if you have an issue report it and let us know if you get a response.

Do you have a problem PokéStop or Gym near you?

Source: Niantic Labs.