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Pokémon Go is a phenomenon. It’s uptake has been insane with millions of installs from both Google Play and the Apple app store. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – as evidenced by the Ausdroid chat room. So, developer Conor Browne has written a Chrome extension that strips away all mentions of the cute, yet annoying to some, digital pocket monsters.

The Chrome extension is available to install in the Chrome Web Store, and installing it will remove all mentions of what Conor calls ‘this annoying trend from your browser’, this includes from Facebook, Twitter and ads – including popups!. If you happen to come around to the idea of enjoying Pokémon though, you can always remove it.

Pokémon has pretty much pervaded our entire world, with everyone cashing in on it from restaurants adding lures to Pokéstops nearby to attract customers, to zoos emphasizing the Pokémon-ness of their site. But there’s a serious side with the NSW Justice department and NT Police are issuing warnings about going into the wrong place in pursuit of Pokémon.

NSW Justice Pokemon

If you’ve had enough, install the extension and let it do its work and enjoy a nice Pokémon-less day.

Source: Pokemon No Chrome Web Store.