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Ever since Google added Emoji to Android Jelly Bean we’ve become reliant on these cute little picture messages, and we’re always wanting more. Google agreed, but wanted to concentrate on more gender diverse emoji for the people emoji and submitted some to the controlling body for emoji back in May. The Unicode consortium liked the new emoji and you should be seeing them in an Android update near you soon.

The emoji suggested by Google included 11 new professional emoji with Women as the focus, giving emoji users more choice than just a bride, princess or hairdresser when describing women. The new range of emoji will be included in both male and female options in all the different skin tone options – or as Google says ‘That’s more than 100 new emoji to choose from!’

The approval for those new emoji also includes an update to include both male and female versions of 33 existing emoji.


You’ll see these emoji in a ‘future version of Android’ but Google hasn’t strictly said it will be in Android Nougat, but as they pushed for the update they’d be mad not to do their best to include them. We’ll see soon enough though with at least one more dev preview of Nougat due before the final release later this year.

Source: Google.
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    Darren Ferguson

    Too many emoji. The genderless yellow ones are fine. And the swimming one, you can’t even tell the gender, why are there two?


    lol, women don’t go swimming bare chested. But yeah I agree with you, the genderless ones are so much better, so cute.

    Daniel Tyson



    fixed for you:
    lol, women don’t go swimming bare chested often enough. But yeah I agree with you, the genderless ones are so much better, so cute.