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I ain’t afraid of no ghost…but I am afraid of watching a new Ghostbusters movie. Luckily, Google Play is hosting a sale on the original Ghostbusters movies, as well as on the original Bourne and Star Trek (both TOS and the new reality) movies just in time for those franchises latest outing at the cinema.

The only downside to the sale is that the only optioon to purchase the original Ghostbusters is in standard definition (SD). The rest of the movies are all offered in HD, I mean you can buy them in SD as well with the original Star Trek movies going from as low as $4.99, but are you really that masochistic?

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If you want to get some Bourne, Ghostbusters or Star Trek movies on the cheap, head over to Google Play MoviesScreenshot 2016-07-14 at 8.23.31 PM now.

Source: Google Play Movies.