Google is really reaching out to Indie Games developers. In March this year, Google added an ‘Indie Corner’ to Google Play featuring great indie games. Today they’ve announced they’ll be hosting an Indie Games Festival in San Francisco, on September 24.

The bad news for Aussie Indie developers is that it’s only open to US and Canadian developers. We’ll still get to see the results of the festival though, which should see quite a few VR/AR and Tango based games developed, that is if Google’s recommendations are followed by entrants.

Developers with 15 or less full time staff can submit their game before August 14 to Google for selection, but the game has to have been published on or after the 1st of this year.

With Tango launching in September with Lenovo’s Phab2PRO and DayDream based phones and VR headsets being announced fairly soon after it’s likely we’ll see some VR or AR games being showcased here. Whoever wins, it should be interesting.

Source: Android Developers Blog.