PlaySchool 50
Benita, Noni, John (Waters and Hamblin) Alistair, these are the memories I and many of us have of Play School. It’s on to a new generation with Teo, Justine, Jay, Rachel and co now, but this year it’s 50 years since Play School first graced our screens and on Google Play, we’re getting the presents.

The Google Play focus is offering deals on TV, Music and Books for a limited time, including 3 Google Play Exclusives. You can get up to 50% off a range of great titles that will keep the kids entertained for, well, let’s face it with a toddler it’s probably minutes if you’re lucky.

If you’re after the real classic episodes of Play School to relive your youth, unfortunately you’ll be disappointed with the TV episodes from 2015, but at $6.99 they’re pretty good value. The music is a selection of various albums featuring classic Play School songs like ‘There’s a Bear in There’, ‘Shake my Sillies out’ and ‘Der Glumph’. Finally their book selection is pretty decent so you can add them to your tablet for reading to your kids.

Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 7.50.34 PM

If you have some rambunctious kids wanting more Play School action – let’s face it, it keeps them quiet for a minute while you catch your breath sometimes – then head over to Google Play and grab some deals.

Source: Google Play.
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    Arn’t these available for free on iview?


    iview will have episodes gone to air in the past week or fortnight but they could be repeats or not the best topic. its good buying bundles by topic especially if your kids had a favourite set.