Pokémon GO is a certified phenomenon topping at least 10 million downloads on Android alone since its launch. We’ve noted previously that the game uses mobile data, and US carrier T-Mobile has just announced that from next Tuesday they’ll be allowing their customers to play the game without affecting their data cap until August 2017.

The freebie is part of their T-Mobile Tuesday promotion, as part of their overall ‘uncarrier’ strategy. The bonus of free data is pretty neat for T-Mobile customers, but they’re also offering a few other bonuses which include:

  • Free Lyft rides up to $15 to get to a new PokéStop or Gym
  • Free Wendy’s Frosty to fuel up for your hunting trip
  • 50% off select accessories – including portable power packs and chargers at T-Mobile stores – so you can keep on playing for hours

There’s also another bonus for customers with T-Mobile offering 250 people $100 worth of PokéCoins to spend on in-game items. There’s another bonus as well with 5 people winning a trip to anywhere in the US to hunt Pokémon with a guest of their choice.

This is a pretty neat option for T-Mobile customers, but as you’ve probably guessed, useless to us here in Australia. It would be nice to see a similar offering from Australian carriers. Australian carriers do watch other vendors around the world, so We can only hope they’ll notice this particular one.

How has Pokémon GO affected your data usage since the game launched?

Source: T-Mobile.