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We all know Google has been Daydreaming about bringing VR and perhaps AR products to market. At Google I/O we got a glimpse of their reference design headset for their new Android based DayDream VR system. However prior to I/O there were rumours circulating that Google was in fact, working on a Standalone headset.

According to somewhat conflicting reports, this week from Recode and Engadget Google has both cancelled their standalone VR product and are still working on a high-end VR or AR product. Of course, both can be, and probably are, true.

Consolidating these rumours it looks as if Google has closed down one VR project that was focused on developing a high-end independent VR headset similar to an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive. This is apparently in a move to consolidate their efforts to their core product offerings and cut costs from some of the less viable X Lab projects.

Building on this information Engadget’s source revealed that there is a growing team within Google working on the development of a premium device that will not need either a PC or a mobile device to power it, and will have an increased focus on AR not just VR. Interestingly it also seems as if Daydream may not be a long-term product, at least as long as the AR side of this nascent category goes.

With Google a major investor in Magic Leap it’s not a giant leap to believe that this new device could somehow be tied to some future product coming out from them, however, that’s pure speculation on our part. In the end, it would be foolish to think Google wasn’t opening and closing multiple projects on multiple technological fronts every year.

The takeaway from this seems to be Google is working on VR and AR, some of those projects will continue some will move on.

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Source: RecodeEngadget.