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It looks as if Sony has another phone waiting in the wings, so to speak, and that’s it, right there. Sony’s design is clearly reflected in this new phone, but it is unmistakably different. Let’s take a look.

First up, this phone (with model number F8331) sports rounded left and right edges, but the top and bottom are completely flat, with a larger-than-5-inch display, said though to still be running at 1080p. Though some changes are clearly present, some of Sony’s more recent changes remain here; NFC chip on the front of the phone instead of the back, volume rocker on the right below the power button, and so on.

A welcome change, though, for those starting to collect a range of USB-C cables and accessories is the change from microUSB to USB-C, as you can clearly see on the bottom photo, above. This is a very late change, with the Xperia X range announced at MWC 2016 (and just recently released in Australia) still using MicroUSB.

We don’t know what this phone might be called, though Sony has said the Xperia Z line is dead previously, so we’re not really expecting that naming line to be revived. What else could it be?

Will we see Sony announce this unnamed, round-edged beauty at IFA 2016? That’s something we’re hoping for.

Source: GSM Arena.
Via: Android Police.

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Chris Rowland

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Ausdroid Reader

Hmm, like you I thought the Sony Performance was going to be their flagship so wasn’t expecting another one this year. Always happy to be wrong, Sony do make great phones so it will be a pity if they left the scene.

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