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With Lenovo’s release of their latest flagship mobile device last month we got two variants, the Moto Z and Moto Z force. According to MotoClub HK, who have a good track record with Moto leaks, we may be getting a Moto Z Play variant as well, the big news, it has a headphone jack!

Moto z play

Seen above between a Moto Z and a Moto Z Force, the Moto Z Play is slightly thicker and is sporting a bottom-mounted headphone jack. Hooray. We’re on record coming out against the removal of headphone jacks, at least for now.

If the Play follows the same trend as 2015 then we will be looking at a device with lower specs across the board. As with all rumours you should digest this with large amounts of salt, and even if it does get released there’s no guarantee that it will come to Australia. However, With IFA 2016 in Berlin less than two months away, we could just see the Moto Z Play break cover there.

Are you excited for a Moto Z Play variant? Let us know below.

Source: MotoClubHK.
Via: 9to5 Google.
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David Anderton
David Anderton
4 years ago

None of these are available in Australia yet?

Daniel Tyson
Reply to  David Anderton
4 years ago

Coming soon apparently. How long is soon? How long is a piece of string, but really I`d look around September is my gut feel, that’s when the Moto X Play/Style launched last year.

David Anderton
David Anderton
Reply to  Daniel Tyson
4 years ago

Dayum I’m pretty keen on the force, bit need a new phone in august.