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Facebook is the largest social platform on the planet, so it stands to reason that Facebook Messenger would be one of the biggest messaging platforms and they’ve got the numbers to back that up announcing that they have topped 1 Billion Active monthly users for the first time.

In their Newsroom Post, Facebook are quite humble about the achievement and focus the attention on users and the experience that Facebook want users to have.

We know that every message is important to you — no matter what you want to say — and our team is committed to building experiences you love and to making all the interactions in your life easier no matter who you are communicating with.

The Messenger for Android app topped 1 Billion Downloads from Google Play last year, then Facebook announced they had reached 900 Million monthly users a couple of months ago, that figure has now tipped over a Billion which to most app developers is a fantasy to have that many users.

Are you one of the Billion strong Facebook Messenger community, or do you have another preferred messaging platform?

Source: Facebook Newsroom.

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Phil Tann

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