Splendour in the Grass
If you’re heading to Byron Bay in northern NSW this weekend you’re most likely heading to one of the largest music festivals still running Australia, Splendour in the Grass. While you’re at the festival, you can tweet, share photos and basically connect to the internet thanks to Twitter who have setup Wi-Fi access at the festival.

The festival, which this year features big name acts like The Cure and celebrating the launch of their latest album, The Avalanches, has a history of being a mudbath on occasion, not the best place to be using a Wi-Fi conncected device. A look at the forecast for Byron though shows a good run, weather wise for the three days the festival is running over this year.

Anyone can use the Wi-Fi at Splendour for 5 minutes, after which you’ll have to sign in to Twitter to continue your session. Basically if you use that 5 minutes to create a Twitter account, you can then continue using Wi-Fi for free.

Once you have your Twitter account, you can use the official Hashtag for the event – #SITG2016 – which you can append to any tweet you send from the festival so people can follow along from home.

If you aren’t attending you can also follow @nicwkelly and @piamuehlenbeck (that’s right, it’s Alcatel’s newest spokesperson) for exclusive videos and photos from behind the scenes, or just follow @SITG – Splendour in the Grass’ official Twitter account for updates.

Not a bad deal if you’re heading to SITG, just get a Twitter account and you’ll get free, high-speed internet access – though just how high speed it will be depends on how many people connect. If you’re heading there, send us a speed test using the Wi-Fi.

Source: Twitter.