Popular keyboard replacement developer SwiftKey has just released their latest app since being acquired by Microsoft in February, Swiftmoji. If you didn’t guess it, Swiftmoji is an Emoji first keyboard. What’s that you say? SwiftKey already lets you get predicted emoji? Swiftmoji gives you 7 emoji in addition to Swiftkeys normal 3 recommendations. Just take a look.

The image above shows the app after I have done a little customisation. Like it’s older sibling SwiftKey you get a few choices to personalise your keyboard, I’ve added in the number row (seriously improves usability) added the extra characters as a long press (this isn’t default) and chosen a blue theme. Unfortunately, all of this has taken a rather large portion of my screen real estate, and unlike SwiftKey you can not resize the keyboard. Swiftemoji also allows you to log into you “SwifyKey” account and sync over all of your predictions.

Overall I found the predictions fast and accurate and if you’re a heavy emoji user this IS a keyboard you should try. Not to be the guy who asked for more on the day an app is released, but, I’d like to see the emoji prediction bar as an option in the original SwiftKey app. This would combine all of the features of SwiftKey with the power of emoji search.

If you want to see the keyboard in all its catty glory check out their video below.

If you want to try the app grab it here.

Swiftmoji - Emoji Keyboard
Swiftmoji - Emoji Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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Source: SwiftKey.
Via: TechCrunch.