In yet another drip by drip leak leading up to the August release of the Galaxy Note 7 today we get a very quick look at what is purported to be the iris scanning feature that has been widely speculated about as being incorporated into the Note 7.

The video shows what looks to be a red light (top left as you look at it) shining on the users face, and eyes, and then the screen just unlocking. If accurate this would be the first glimpse of yet another way to authenticate yourself with your phone.

Here is the current state of the note 7 rumours:

Display 5.7″ QHD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED
Processor Exynos 8893
Storage 64GB
Micro SD Yes
Connector USB C

There’s not a lot there just yet, but as the release date quickly approaches we’re sure the leaks and rumours will continue.

Let us know if you think an iris scanner is a gimmick or a useful inclusion?

Source: SammMobile.
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Surely an iris scanner makes less sense than a finger print reader on a phone. Any time you want to unlock your device you’re going to need to pick it up and point it at your face. With a finger print reader you can simply touch and unlock just by reaching for it.

On a laptop or desktop computer an iris scanner sounds great but on a phone? I’m not convinced.