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In the wake of making it easier for people to add missing features or edit existing places in Google Maps the ‘review’ times for user generated map changes has gone from hours or days to weeks. This is most likely compounded by the Local Guide program that requires you to either edit the map or write a review in order to earn point sand get perks.

The new feature will allow users to see suggested edits other users have added to the map and vote on their accuracy. When you’re near a location with a pending edit you’ll receive a notification informing you that “Someone suggested new info”, click on that notification and you’ll be taken to the edit and be given the option to vote on its accuracy. Alternatively, it seems that if you are looking at a business listing on the Google Maps app you will see any suggested edits “in line”.

The more votes an edit receives the more likely it is to be automatically approved by Google’s ‘Map bots’, and believe me if you’ve ever used Google Map Maker you’ll know those bots need all the help they can get. At present there is no setting in notifications to specifically turn this off in the maps app, so we will have to wait and see how users can control these notifications if they are unwanted.

It’s great to see Google expanding the access to improving Google Maps, for many years now I’ve been a dedicated ‘Google Mapper’ on Map Maker, it would be nice however if they finally reopened the Map Maker interface in Australia, the number of complex edits needing to be made is growing by the day, just saying Google.

The new feature will be rolling out to both Android and iOS, but it’s unclear if this is a server-side change or if you’ll need an update.

Let us know if you’ve seen these new cards.

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Map maker sucks. Just re-open it to Australia Google. It is a disgrace in its current state.

Adam J

They have royally stuffed this. I used to be able to make rapid edits in good faith and undo overenthusiastic edits made by new users, such as mapping driveways. Now my area is devoid of the detail I have added and Google has automatically mapped long driveways in my semi-rural area as roads.

This new crowd approval system will negatively affect areas with fewer Local Guides.


amusing MM ever reopens in Australia.