Twitter’s streaming video service, Periscope, is about to get an update for their mobile apps, as well as the service in general, with auto-generated Highlights trailers of Periscope streams and more.

The headline feature of the update will be Highlights. Highlights will automatically generate a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast that’s streamed, letting you find the ‘best moments on Periscope’. Using Highlights :

You can watch highlights of your home feed to catch up on broadcasts you missed from the last day, highlights of somebody’s profile to get a flavour for their previous broadcasts, or highlights of any search result (like #NoBillNoBreak or “pottery”) to get a convenient overview of any topic.


Twitter uses signals from the broadcast itself to generate the highlight, this would very likely relate to the ‘hearts’ or comments being associated with a certain part of a Periscope broadcast.

Periscope broadcasts are going to start appearing in more places throughout the internet as well, with the latest update meaning tweets with Periscope embedded will now be viewable on webpages.

Another feature which will be heading to Android users only, at least for now, is autoplay in the Watch Tab and Global Feed. Videos will play automatically but without sound when you open Periscope, letting you get a quick view of what’s been happening while you’ve been away. Of course if you want to watch the full video, simply tap on it to watch it in full.


The update will be rolling out in the next few days to Google Play and the Apple app store, the auto-play feature will be Android only initially but will be coming to iOS as well ‘soon’.

Periscope - Live Video
Periscope - Live Video
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Source: Twitter.