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Popular transport app Citymapper has announced that after a year on top of the most requested city list, they’ve finally turned their attentions to Australia, announcing support for two of our largest cities: Sydney and Melbourne.

Citymapper is another great option for people using public transport, helping you to find your way around a new city using any method of transport not just be it walking, the subway/metro, buses, trains, Uber or taxis, bikes and of course for Melbourne users Trams and Sydney users Ferries! There’s real-time tracking of public transport so you know exactly when your bus/train, or Tram etc. is set to arrive.

The app differs a little from other options with their walking and cycling routing letting you walk off that extra piece of cake you had in the cafe in Lygon st rather than catching a bus or taxi. You can also combine your walking/bike route with public transport or other options in the app to get where you want, when you want.

Citymapper also lets you personalise your travel experience, simply set your Home and Work addresses and Citymapper does the rest. You can also save routes, your nearest stops and schedules in the app. All you have to do is tell the app where you’re going and the app does the rest. Citymapper also tells you which stop or platform you need to switch to, to continue your journey.

If you’re wanting to you can also share your trip live, friends can follow your journey and you can share your location or address to share directions with others.

If you want to try out Citymapper in Sydney or Melbourne then head over to Google Play and install the app now.

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    Dennis Bareis

    Don’t know if this app has wear support like Moovit, but this app looks great so far, have to sit down and compare with Moovit but my gut says this one is better already.


    Tell me why choose this app over Google maps?

    Daniel Tyson

    Personal choice, they seem to have decent real-time tracking as well which Google seems to be fairly intermittent (although getting better). They also have options for mixing Taxi, bus, bike etc.

    But come down to it, personal choice. There’s loads of apps for this over Google Transit, Moovit, Embark, Citymapper, try them all and see which one you like.


    Thanks, just tried the app and looks really good. Better than moovit I have tried before Google transition released in Melbourne.