BlackBerry splashed onto the Android OEM marketplace last year with the Priv, a device Alex still longs for. Rumours have been circulating that BlackBerry would release more Android powered devices this year, and that now looks more likely. 

Thanks to what seems to have been the perfect combination of poor server/ website management on BlackBerry’s behalf, accidentally making the devices site publicly available, and a quick acting individual grabbing all the details, we have what looks to be near final press images and full device specifications.

See here it is in all its keyboard-less glory, the rumoured BlackBerry Neon or the DETK50 as it was listed on the site, and with the FCC.

Along with these images, we’ve also seen what looks to be a complete look at the internal specs.

Specifications table not found: blackberry-neon.

We have to say, there’s nothing earth shattering in those specs as a list on their own. But in recent times mid-range devices have proven time and time again that Android can get a lot of mid-tier specs in the right device. From the images, it looks as if the Neon has front facing speakers, and perhaps even Stereo speakers, however, it’s too early to call that.

The site also outlined the LTE bands for each SKU. The Asia Pacific model included LTE support for bands:

  • FD-LTE 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20 and 28
  • TD-LTE 38, 40 and 41

Unfortunately, for Vodafone customers who may be interested in this device on this information (which could be inaccurate),the Neon is missing band 5 which Vodafone does own spectrum in. It’s not their primary band but unfortunately, it’s hard to know what effect not having this band would have on LTE performance.

Even though the leak originated from BlackBerry’s own site, until it is officially released everything here should be considered a rumour and taken with the obligatory grain of salt. With the website being near ready like this, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine BlackBerry announcing the device sometime soon.

Are you interested in a mid-tier BlackBerry Android Phone? Let us know below.

Source: Crackberry.