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The upcoming HTC built Nexus devices, codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, have been leaked previously with their rumoured spec lists looking fairly decent, but as rumours there’s nothing certain till they’re announced. Overnight, Evan Blass, better know through his Twitter handle, @evleaks has leaked the build.prop from a ROM he says comes from a Sailfish device.

Evan asked the internet before sending out this leak what someone would do with a full ROM dump and then we next saw a tweet with the build.prop attached. The build.prop is found on all Android devices, and contains build information including properties and settings. The tweet with the image attached:

Now, if you don’t want to go through it, the build.prop refers to ‘board.platform=msm8996’ otherwise known as the Snapdragon 820 – which unfortunately rules out the phone using the recently released Snapdragon 821 upgrade that some Nexus fans have been hoping for.

Also mentioned is ‘frpro.sf.lcd_density=420’ which is just under the Pixel Density of 440 that the 1920×1080 @ 5″ that previous leaks have shown that Sailfish is expected to launch with, instead more aligning with a 5.24″ display at the FullHD resolution.

Now, if you want to have a look through the text without looking at the JPG, then here’s the OCR converted text:
[showhide type=”detailedspecs” more_text=”Show Build.Prop” less_text=”Hide Build.Prop”]
# begin build properties, autogenerated by NMR1 NMD83D 3002038 preview_sdk=1 all codenames=NMR1, Jun 22 23:28:48 UTC prodUct.board=sailfish# ro.prodUct.cpU.abi and ro.prodUct.cpU.abi2 are obsolete,# use ro.prodUct.cpU.abilist ro.product.cpu.abilistrarm64-v80,armeabi-v70,armeabiro.product.cpu.abilist32=armeabi-v7a,armeabiro.product.cpu.abilist64=arm64-vaaro.product.manufacturer=googlero.product.locale=en-USro.wifi.channels=ro.board.platform=msm8996# is obsolete; use* Do not try to parse description, fingerprint, or NMR1 NMD83D [email protected] dev-keys* end build properties** ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES*ro.product.first_api_level=24dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=256m ro.telephony.defaUlt cache_size=lro.hwui.drop_shadaw_cache_size=6ro.hwui.r_buffer_cache_size=8 ro.bwui.texture_cache_flushrate=0.4ro.bwui.textsmall cache_width=1024ro.blqui.text_small ENABLE=lpersist.rcs-supported=lrild.libpathrivendor/lib64/ ro.hwUi.path_cache_size=16ro.hardware.fingerprint=fpero.config.ringtone=Titania %s/mobile/android/basic/phone-legal.htmlro.urtlegal.android_privacy=,, ro.retaildemo.video_pathqdata/preloads/demo/ ro.opa.eligible_device=truero.facelock.black_timeout=700ro.facelock.det timeout=2500ro.facelock.rec_timeout=3500ro.facelock.est max_time=600ro.bionic.1d.warning=lpersist.sys.dalvik.Vm.lib 2=libart.sodalvik.vM.isa.arm64.variant=generic


We’ll see more on Sailfish and Marlin in the coming months when Google officially announces the phones alongside the official launch of Nougat.

Source: @evleaks.
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    Still might be the 821, I’d guess that there will be compatibility between them and the developer editions might be using the old chip. The fact that the screen is slightly different to previous rumours suggests it might not be final hardware.

    Or the bigger ‘plus’ version of the phone might have the 821 to differentiate.

    Yes, the 820 is likely, but all hope is not lost. Particularly if there is anything in the 821 to make Daydream more tractable.


    Was expecting the 820 but hoping for the 821. Oh well, sure whatever will come out will be better than my Nexus 5 🙂

    Darren Ferguson

    Same thinking here. Nexus 5 has been a fabulous phone and it’s still hard to fault it. Just starting to show its age a little bit.