Dead Zebra

Andrew Bell does some excellent work with Android collectibles introducing the original vinyl made 3″ tall figures a few years ago. In the preceding years he’s created now 6 series, Google Editions and seasonal one-offs. The latest seasonal one-off, called Bear awareness has just gone live on the shop at Dead Zebra.


The Bear Awareness collectible will cost you US$15 but the problem is shipping will cost around US$23 to get to Australia – that’s one expensive collectible. To get around this, I’d recommend getting together with some friends who are looking to get some toys or make sure your order is worth spending the shipping on. The collectible may also be available later in the year when Series 6 of the Android Minis goes on-sale so perhaps you could chance waiting till then and bundling your shipping.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is, if you find a reason to buy you won’t be disappointed.
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Source: Dead Zebra.