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When it comes to fitness bands, we all tend to like getting a name brand, but paying exorbitant prices can be a bit of a put off. Luckily Huawei has some pedigree in fitness tracking and you can now grab a Huawei Band from Target for just $69.

The band first showed up in Australia last year when Telstra started giving one away as a bonus when you purchased a Huawei P8 Lite. It’s now available separately from Target, with options for free delivery or click and collect from a nearby store.

The Band connects to an app available on Google Play (or the Apple app store) and offers all the usual fitness tracking including step count, distance traveled, calories burned and also offers call notifications. The band also tracks your sleep to tell you how much rest you are (or aren’t) getting.

The device comes with a Stainless steel rim around the 1.06″ OLED touchscreen, it’s IP68 water and dust resistant and connects to your phone via bluetooth. A 70 mAh battery will give you 3 days of active use, with a rapid charger getting you back under way in 1.5 hours.

It looks pretty decent, and comes in three colour options – black, white and cream

If you’ve been on the look out for a decently priced fitness tracker, check out the Huawei Band at Target now.

Huawei Wear
Huawei Wear
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    Can you replace the band?

    Tango India Mike

    Jeez c’mon guys….it’s only $69 …you can’t have everything!


    Doesn’t hurt to wish for a Mercedes at a Hyundai price, though.

    Major Sceptic

    No gps?


    No heart rate monitoring?


    no heart rate monitoring


    No matter. Heading to Target on the weekend to buy one.