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Two weeks after the official launch of Android Pay in Australia, Macquarie Bank has started advising their Debit Mastercard customers today that they can now use Android Pay.

In an announcement on their site, Macquarie are advising their customers using both Debit and Credit Cards that they can now use Android Pay. The Macquarie Bank FAQ lists the cards supported in Android Pay:

Android Pay is intended to be available for all active and eligible Macquarie credit cards or debit cards, including but not limited to the Macquarie Debit MasterCard, Macquarie Platinum Debit MasterCard, Macquarie Black Card, Macquarie Platinum Card, Hilton HHonors™ Macquarie Platinum Card, Macquarie RateSaver Card.

The Google Android Pay support site now lists Macquarie Mastercards – in fact ALL Macquarie Bank issued cards – as now being supported in Android Pay. We have further confirmed with one user that their Macquarie Mastercard is definitely working.


To setup Android Pay to use your Macquarie Bank debit or credit card you use the same steps as other banks:

  1. Download Android Pay from Google Play
  2. Add your Macquarie Debit or Credit Card
  3. Verify your account using the verification method you choose
  4. Test it out

Android Pay is expanding, with other banks expected to come on board shortly including ING who have advised their customers that they expect to be ready by mid-August. But for now, Macquarie Bank customers should be happy, so add your card and get tapping.

This article has been updated to reflect that todays launch is for Mastercard debit cards only.

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Google Pay
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Source: Macquarie Bank.
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    I can confirm that Android Pay works on my Macquarie Mastercard debit card. Haven’t tested it much yet, but so far worked on CBA’s Albert terminal.


    Android pay for me ANZ Amex has worked Every-time. I had issues using the ANZ app once on a commonwealth terminal


    I havent ad much luck with Android Pay with ANZ i get no contactless with it seems a lot of EFTPOS Machines also ANZ Smart ATM don’t work with it so back to the ANZ app for now

    Jamie S

    Yup same for me, Android Pay with ANZ is hit and miss for me and only works about 50% of the time. NABs solution seems to be a lot more reliable atm


    ATM’s are not supported by android pay, only eftpos/paywave terminals. You’ll still need to use the mobilepay app for the ATM withdrawals. Says so on ANZ’s website.

    As for the “no contactless” error. this seems to occur with Commonwealth branded terminals


    meh i don’t care really until Android Pay fix this stuff ill stick to the ANZ app sorry but i cbf change the default pay app all the time


    Same with my Amex card. Tried about 5 times, never worked. Back to using the normal card.