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Pringles are a decent chip, but their unusual cylinder shaped packaging also presents a unique DIY opportunity, from a Wi-Fi antenna to a device to increase the volume on your phone. Pringles have gone one-step further, offering a speaker to sit in your Pringles can to help get the party started.

The promotion starts next month, and requires you to purchase two specially marked packs of Pringles chips. Each pack contains a unique code, once you’ve got the two codes, you’ll need to enter them into the Pringles Party Speaker website, and then pay $5 to cover postage and handling using PayPal.

The speaker can work by itself, but is really designed to sit in the Pringles tube which will allow it produce ‘extra acoustic effect’. The speaker uses an audio line out from your phone or tablet to connect, and you’re playing. The speaker does require 3x AAA batteries to run, but apart from that it then comes down to what tunes you play through the speaker.

There’s three designs on offer, but unfortunately you don’t get a choice – it’s simply luck of the draw.
Party Speakers

The FAQ for the giveaway doesn’t mention anything about the power of the speaker, however reviews from previous promotions seem to show they have a decent sound. Once the promotion opens on August 1st though we may have to wait up to 60 days to receive the speaker to take it for a spin.

If you want to get in on the deal, head to your local supermarket and grab the specially marked packs and get ready to enter them at the start of next month.

Source: Pringles Party Speaker.