Chromecast gen 2 family
At Google I/O the Chromecast sales figure was put at 25 million for the US$35 dongle, but a little over 2 months later Google has let slip a more up to date figure of over 30 million Chromecasts sold.

The figure was mentioned by Google CEO Sundar Pichai during the Alphabet Q2 earnings call this morning, in response to a question regarding Google’s hardware strategy, saying ‘We now have over 30 million Chromecast devices sold’.

The question highlighted that Google takes Chromecast seriously and uses their own in-house developed/built hardware such as Google Pixel and Nexus as a driver of the various eco-systems they produce such as Android, ChromeOS and obviously Google Cast.

You can listen in to the Google Q2 Earnings call here, the question begins at around 51:30

Source: Google.
Via: Recode.
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    So whats the best way to go. One of these Comcasts, or a TelstraTV, or a smart TV in Oz?


    Chromecast are great but you have to use your phone to control the contents.

    Look for a video review on YouTube to see how they work

    If you used services like Netflix and stan there supported and work really well in Australia there $60 but you can pick them up for around 45ish when there on sale keep an eye on ozbargins


    Yes sorry, I meant the best option for Netflix/Stan etc. But I don’t want to have to control something via my mobile so I’ll skip chromecast. I’ll have to do some research to find the best smart 55″ TV around that doesn’t have lagging issues via its apps.


    Maybe Checkout Sony, Sharp with Android TV or buy anytv and then add a nvidia shield TV you get Google cast with Android TV

    Go try them out instore see if you like it.

    Phill Edwards

    I don’t think they’re comparable, they’re designed to do different jobs. Telstra TV is about receiving TV content. Chromecast is designed to display content from your mobile (or PC Chrome browser) on a different device.


    Not comparable because Telstra TV is about limited content/device & Chromecast is about anything (almost, like local copy or internet/youtube/…) anywhere.
    Don’t depend on specific remote – can use any smartphone.