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Google has been saying they’re on-track for a Q3 release of Nougat (Android 7.0) since they dropped a very early beta of the OS on us back in March. That gives them a window right up till the end of September technically, but according to Evan Blass we may be seeing it next month.

According to Evan the release will take place next month, but unfortunately Nexus 5 owners won’t be seeing an update to delicious Nougat – there’s always the third party ROM scene right? The Tweet was sent late this afternoon and also confirmed the August security patch will be on-board:

The tweet is corroborated by a somewhat strange circumstance of a Nexus 6P owner who shared a random update he received on his device as he attempted to exit the Android Nougat Developer Preview after experiencing battery issues. redditor brianmoyano showed off screenshots of the update notification and the settings after the update which show 5th August as the security patch:

As you can see the build is also updated to NRD90M – for reference Dev Preview 5 on the Nexus 6P is NPD90G. The build is for internal use only so it could still be changed before launch.

Of course with the release of any version of Android that of course means we should also see a Nexus launch as well. Of those we have a spec list, as well as a fairly good idea of what the device will look like.

Display5″ FHD (1920 x 1080) display @ 440 ppi5.5″ QHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display @ 534 ppi
ProcessorQuad-core 2.0GHz 64-bit processorQuad-core Qualcomm processor
12MP rear camera, 8MP front
Fingerprint scanner
Yes: Rear-mounted
Battery2,770 mAh3,450 mAh
Android 7.0 (Nougat)

We should see a lot of new hardware and features launched by Google in the next few months, whether they’re announced in one big hit or in separate events remains to be seen. We’ll find out soon enough.

Source: @evleaks, and reddit /r/nexus6P.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Michael Petkov
Ausdroid Reader

I believe the reason for not updated Nexus 5 2013, is that the Daydream VR software, hardware is not compatible.


Seems unlikely to me for ‘N’ to launch ahead of the new phone hardware. August would seem a strange month for a new OS all round.

As has been said before, google would be smart to do N for the 5, but smart has rarely driven their decisions on such matters.


WTF ALL phone manufacturers should be forced by law to provide updates for 2 years from the last time a device is manufactured. As a device will still be sold 3 years after release the Nexus 5 is still being sold (and contracts are for 2 years) and with no updates to fix problems that should break consumer law. It is not difficult to update a 7 year old device to Android 7.0 they (Samsung, LG, HTC, Hauwei, Lenovo/Motorola, ZTE are the worst etc) are just lazy and stupid since it damages their brand when security problems are so public… Read more »


Nexus 5 is still being sold? What are the problems?

Oliver Ward
Ausdroid Reader

Calm down champ. The Nexus 5 is from 2013 and has had 2yrs of updates already… The 5x is still around and will get the update. As for 7yr old phones? Just calm down.
Just for the record i have a Nexus 5 and i’m not complaining about it…

David Anderton
David Anderton

He is taking about from when it is sold. If google was still selling them last year then they should be supporting them for another year.

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