Another day another Galaxy Note 7 leak it seems. Today’s leak following on from yesterday’s, where we got a good look at the majority of the specs, and then great rotating GIF (who doesn’t like a rotating GIF I ask you). Thanks to French leaker @OnLeaks, we now have a complete set of press images for the Note 7, which has very clearly inherited the edge design from the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Onyx ‘Black’

Silver ‘titanium’

Blue ‘coral’

We’re also getting a little more detail about the rear camera, with the rear shooter featuring a 12MP sensor, f/1.7 aperture and OIS.

We also got a first look at the next-generation Galaxy GearVR. Due to the rumoured switch to USB C in the Note 7 line, Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a USB C variant, unsurprisingly the rumours seem to be true. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of changes in the GearVR however, they may have widened the field of view from 96 degrees to 110 degrees, which in VR would make a difference.


With the official launch only a few short days away on the 2nd of August in New York, it might be time to start taking bets if this is the last leak, the smart money would be on No.

Are you excited for the Note 7? Tell us what you think below.

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to be honest here, its not worth upgrading if you have a S7 edge (i have)

Fiddle Castro

Here’s a tough question for you:

Will “Okay Google” work from a locked/off screen with the Note 7?

Andrew Smith

My note 4 does, why would they take away that functionally?

Fiddle Castro

Dunno, that’s why I asked. Not all Samsungs work from screen off when NOT plugged into a power source, right?

To me it’s vital to be able to talk to my phone in the car when it is not plugged in and when the screen is off.

Mikhail Cass

I don’t think any phones apart from Motorola work with Google Now if the screen is off and NOT charging.
For my S7e The screen can be off if the device is charging.

Fiddle Castro

Nah, the Nexus phones and other phones do. You have to turn on Trusted Device in Settings. Samsung is a bit funny with this though since they’re trying to get us to use S Voice instead which can screw things up a bit.


The S7 Edge will you too from a Locked screen, if you’ve allowed that. It will work from “off” if it’s on charge.

Fiddle Castro

Couple of typos there that confused me sorry. Are you saying it will from screen off but ONLY if it’s plugged in?