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The 2016 Summer Olympics kick off next weekend in Rio de Janiro, Brazil and Google is ready to help you find all the information you could want. Google will be offering specialised information about the sports, athletes, venues and of course the medal count from the games.


Most people will be checking out most of their Olympics content on TV, so in 30 countries Google will be offering up a TV schedule to watch all the action as it happens. Of course you may not be able to check it out as it happens so Google has also partnered with broadcasters in over 60 countries to show highlights of the games on YouTube. For YouTube fans, Google has also sent 15 YouTube stars to Rio to give some local flair with live streams from the games.

Google has been all over the Rio Olympics, doing internal mapping of the venues as well as updating maps and Street View from Rio to let you check out some culturally significant locations.

Source: Google.