+ Sunday November 17th, 2019

It’s a new month so that means we get a new Android Security Bulletin listing all the issues that have been found, and consequently patched. For Nexus owners with supported devices, this means you’ll see an OTA arrive soon on your device – or you’ll be able to side-load it or flash it with a new, updated factory image.

There’s two patch levels again this month, Google introduced two levels of patches for vendors to patch against last month, and they’ve done so again this month releasing August 1st and August 5th patch levels. The August 5th patch contains everything, including all previous patches, the August 1st patch contains all the updates to there as well as possibly a subset of fixes from the August 5th patch level. This two patch approach appears to be something that will be standard going forward, giving vendors an extra month to patch issues if they want that up to date security patch status.

In the August 1st patch, there’s a single critical, 4x high, and 9x moderate vulnerabilities patched, while the August 5th patch level includes fixes for 7x critical, 15x high and 4x moderate patches as well a single high vulnerability patch for devices with Qualcomm components. The related Common Vulnerability and Exposures ID (CVE) are all listed in the bulletin for those wanting to check it out further.

Over on the Android Developers page you can grab OTA updates or Factory Images for your devices.

Nexus 5MOB30PMOB30Y
Nexus 5XMTC19ZMTC20F
Nexus 6MMB30K and MOB30OMOB30W and MMB30R
Nexus 6PMTC19XMTC20F
Nexus 7 Wi-FiMOB30PMOB30X
Nexus 7 MobileMOB30PMOB30X
Nexus 9 W-FiMOB30PMOB30W
Nexus PlayerMOB30PMOB30W

Google has advised that there have been no reports of ‘active customer exploitation or abuse of these newly reported issues’ so an update should take care of any potential issues that are lurking in the wild. Google will be releasing the August 5th patch as an OTA update in the next few days.

Source: Android Security Bulletin, Nexus Factory Images, and Nexus OTA Updates.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Ausdroid Reader

After the Nexus 5 speaker issue last month I flashed back to the previous month’s ROM to resolve it. I haven’t been prompted for the update I rolled back from again though. Should I expect this one?

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