play store on chrome
Google’s rollout of Google Play on ChromeOS is in full swing, in mid-June we saw the Asus Chromebook Flip begin receiving the M53 update for devices on the Dev channel of ChromeOS which enabled Google Play, before the Chromebook Pixel 2015 and Acer R11 received it a few weeks later. Now 6 weeks after the initial release, Google has moved Play store access for these three devices to the Beta Channel.

Beta channel 53.0.2785.36 (Platform version: 8530.35.0) is now hitting all ChromeOS devices running on the Beta channel, but only the Acer R11, Asus Chromebook Flip and Chromebook Pixel 2015 will get Play Store access from it. Google did advise more devices will get Play Store access later this year, so at this stage testing is still occurring – but it’s working reasonably well on my Pixel.

Running the Dev channel on ChromeOS is inherently buggy, with things often going awry for no particularly good reason – I`m looking at you Netflix – so being able to run Android Apps from Google Play on the Beta channel is a much more attractive option for ChromeOS users.

If you’re a ChromeOS user with an Acer R11, Asus Chromebook Flip or Chromebook Pixel 2015 you should check your system to make sure it’s received the update – and possibly restart your device. If not, Google says it will arrive in the next few days, and as with all other ChromeOS devices, it should quietly update in the background.

Source: Chrome Releases.