Online bullying is a serious issue facing many people. In Australia alone over 450’000 children experienced cyberbullying in 2013. It’s not hard to imagine that since then the number and severity of the issue have grown.

One organisation is trying to change that. reword is a combined effort between Leo Burnett Melbourne – an advertising agency – and Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation to combat online bullying.

How are they going to combat online harassment? With a Chrome extension to start. In short, reword is an extension that monitors what you are typing and puts a red line through potentially insulting or hurtful remarks. The tool is restricted to Chrome bowers for now but the group hope to bring it to more browsers and mobile operating systems in the future.


This initiative is something we hear at Austroid fully support. Bullying and harassment in any form, in any location for any reason, is something no one should tolerate and certainly something no one should have to experience.

If you want to check out the chrome extension for yourself you can grab it here.

We want you all to spread the word about reword, tell your kids schools, install it at home, tell your friend sand family, make QR code and leave them at PokeStops!

Let us know what you think of reword.

Source: reword.