Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Unveiled in the early hours of this morning, Samsung will bring the Note 7 to Australia through carriers and retail from August 19th. The phone itself looks fantastic design wise, but also comes with an array of accessories.

There’s a big list of accessories for the Note 7, there’s extra battery packs (external of course), as well as S-View Covers, Battery shells and standard covers. They’re available in a range of colours, with some available in limited options, while others seem to span all the colour options that the Note 7 comes in – Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx. So, let’s take a look:

Battery Backpack – This appears to allow you to extend your battery life as well as protect your new phone.

Battery pack – Who doesn’t need an external power pack, the bonus of this will be that hopefully it supports quick charge through the USB-C port.

Clear Cover – For when you just want to protect your phone from damage with a basic cover.

Clear View Cover – This is becoming a standard cover for Galaxy phones, you can read and access the screen but it remains protected behind a plastic cover.

Keyboard Cover – For the keyboard warrior who really wants that hardware keyboard. We haven’t seen this in Australia yet, so hopefully Samsung will drop it here this time around.

Lens Cover – The Note 7 has a fantastic camera on it, and the Lens Cover offers the option to add macro or fish-eye lenses to the back. You can screw and unscrew each lens as needed.

S View Cover – Introduced years ago, the S View Cover offers you access to notifications and widgets through the window on the front without having to open the cover. It’s a staple accessory of the Galaxy range and we should see this launched here with the phone.

S View Standing Cover – If you like the S View case, but want to watch videos or consume content on that lovely 5.7″ display, the S View Standing Cover is for you.

As usual, we’ll have to wait for the launch of the phone to get any pricing for the accessories for the Note 7, and there’s no guarantee we’ll see all the accessories launch here in Australia when they do. We’ll of course be asking more about the accessories when they launch the Note 7 officially here in Australia next week ahead of the big launch on August 19th.